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Tisvilde Beach

The active holiday-maker can exercise walking, jogging, cycling, sailing, fishing, swimming, playing golf, riding, etc. in the field or in the immediate environs. A lovely bike ride from the cottage through Tisvilde Hegn or Asserbo Plantage (Approx. 5 km) and you are either on Tisvilde or Liseleje Beach by the sea Kattegat with the unique sand dunes and some of Denmark's best beaches. (The road to the beach at Stængehus (blue flag) with large car park can be driven by car through the forest in around a quarter). A bike ride on the newly built cycle paths along Frederiksværk Way (205) through the beautiful landscapes to either Frederiksværk (7 miles) or Helsinge (10 km) or around Arresø (35 miles) should also be experienced.

 A boat trip on Arresø with touring boat "Frederikke" with or without a guide is a great nature experience. In the immediate neighbourhood is Asserbo Golfclub (6 km) and a Riding School (5 km). A small marina and a viewing platform are located at Arresø approx. 500 m from the cottage. Incidentally, there are several good restaurants in the area. - Restaurants "Tinggaarden" (1 km) and "Spisekrogen" in the supermarket Kvickly in Helsinge (10 km) may be recommended. A large supermarket 2 km from the cottage are open 365 days a year.

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