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Tibirke Sand has a forest-like character and consists of large natural grounds with trees and shrubs and clearings with grass and flowers. The holiday home is in good harmony with nature, so that residents perceive to be in deep forests, quiet calm. Tibirke Sand is a paradise for nature lovers. Situated near Arresø, a internationally protected bird sanctuary, enriching the area with a very varied birdlife (least 105 bird species). Most of the grounds is not surrounded by real fences, why several deer move freely around the area. Other animals from the Danish fauna are seen in the area, and insects are available including partly rare butterflies. In addition to experience animals and plants at the cottage, visitors can get a more intense experience of nature from one of the 3 viewing platforms by the edge of Arresø and from the path (2 km) along the lake. Moreover, one can see benchmarks as Ramløse village, Ramløse and Annisse Churches and the peninsula Arrenæs etc. along the banks of the approx. 40 km2 large lake.

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