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Tibirke Sand is a beautiful 2 km2 cottage and natural area located in Gribskov Municipality bounded on the north by Frederiksværk Way (205) and Tisvilde Hegn (wood), East and south of Arresø and west of the municipal boundary to Halsnæs Municipality. The area has a very distinguished position among the large protected areas Tibirke Bakker (heather hills) against the North and Ryengen (meadow) by Arresøen against South.

Moreover, limits range up to National Park "Kongernes Nordsjælland" (Kings North Zealand), which besides Arresø and Tisvilde Hegn includes Gribskov (forest) and Esrum lake. Tibirke Sand is located 7 km from the towns Frederiksværk against the west and 8 km from Helsinge towards the east. The area is located 2 km from the tourist resort Asserbo with particular Asserbo ruined castle and 5-6 km from the seaside and holiday towns by Kattegat, Liseleje and Tisvildeleje.
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